Marc Klaas Endorses Cathleen Galgiani for Senate!

Commentary – By Marc Klaas

This isn’t about politics to me.  For my family, it’s too personal to be about politics.  In 1993, my twelve-year old daughter, Polly, was taken from her home and murdered.  My life since that night in Petaluma has been about justice.  And finding peace.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that I share with Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani – we have both lost someone we love to violent crime.  But Cathleen Galgiani and I share not only that pain, but also the relentless drive to do something — to find closure for the families that are left behind after a criminal invades their lives and takes something irreplaceable.

I am supporting Cathleen Galgiani because I know that she has done more than anyone else to fight for the victims of violent crime.  And because she shares my values about bringing justice and closure to families.
Cathleen has fought relentlessly for the recovery of missing loved ones who fell victim to the speed freak killers – she does it without regard to politics.  It’s not a popular cause.  It’s not about that for Cathleen.  She does it because it’s what she needs to do.  And it’s what the families need.

Cathleen Galgiani and I worked together on the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP), which eventually became a part of Prop 35.  It was during this work that I first came to admire her tenaciousness.  Watching her tireless efforts to bring home loved ones who went missing decades ago — victims that unfortunately most have all but forgotten about — has only increased my admiration for Cathleen.  Because she knows this one thing: the families have NOT forgotten.  And the victims know that in Cathleen, they have found a champion that will never forget about them.

So it isn’t about politics for me.  Except that when you have a leader like Cathleen Galgiani, it’s a rare opportunity and a chance I just couldn’t pass up to support someone that has done so very much for so long.  I’m proud to endorse Cathleen Galgiani for State Senate.